Graduation Comments





The End is Near!


Ahh! I’m graduating from COLLEGE is just one week! I really can’ believe it. I think it will hit me next week when I start packing up my room. This semester went really well, considering I thought it was going to be very difficult! Somehow, I managed to keep up with class projects, a massive campaign, research papers, a PE class every day, tours, and my job. Whew! The low of this semester would have to be mt Spring Break plans. I thought I would have this crazy, last ever, typical Spring Break, but the one I had was pretty low-key. Still, if that is the only thing that I am complaining about- I think I did okay! My high would definitely be gaining my internship and finding a place to live in Florida. There were many times when I was stressed out and thought nothing would work out- but I just prayed about it and sure, enough, things were never as bad as I thought they were!

I’m going to take every self-analysis I have ever had to give myself in Semantics or Comm & Conflict with me in the future! Learning how to assess my thoughts and why I felt the way I did about certain things has helped me become a much more understanding person. Also, (obviously) everything I have learned in my social media class. Just the other day, one of the higher-up people I work with had to ask me a simple question about a computer program that he had no clue the answer to! In general, being forced to do group projects with people who I didn’t choose/didn’t like has taught me about patience and being an even tougher team-player.

I still am shocked that I am about to graduate and even though I am nervous, worried things will work out, and excited, I know that I have all of the skills I need to do great work and succeed in my internship! ( And hopefully get a job afterwards!)

MLB Comments


Victoria Evans- Not a Fan

I think that is a really good idea to set up a booth at festivals and city events. The promotional items would have to be cheap if you are planning on giving a bunch away, however your idea about specific “days” would work really well I think!

Ryan Matherly- Da Braves

Hahaha interesting way to look at it from a guy’s perspective! “People will associate classy and sexy to your team is you have classy and sexy people in the stands!” Love it! I agree that PR does itself when the team is winning. It takes a lot more effort to convince people to watch a losing team.

MLB and PR


While I not a die-hard fan of major league baseball as some of my friends- if I got invited to a Braves game, I would definitely go! I think it would be really cool working in any professional sports industry. The fans are usually fans for life and that is very hard to come by today.

If the team I was working for was in a slump, I would push special pricing. Giving discounts to groups (more people at one time), paying special attention to certain holidays and when people usually take time off of work. Father’s Day would be a good holiday to focus on (possibly even Mother’s Day). Also, I would try to give discounts to people wearing specific outfits or something like that. Maybe even have a promotion of “if you go to blank, you get a discount off one game ticket.”

On the other hand, if my team was WINNING, my job would be a bit easier. Giveaways is where I would focus for this scenario. Since people are filling seats, why not reward them and assure them they are in the right place and it was worth taking off work to watch a game? Maybe randomly selecting a ticket number to win something or just being the 100th fan to come through the gates.

I have actually considered the option of perusing a career with professional sports. I think it would fun, exciting and very eventful!

Travel Comments


Victoria Evans- “Explore Out West”

I don’t think you are crazy either! Everything on my list was in another country, but that’s just because I have never been to another country besides Canada! I guess I feel like I will have plenty of time to make a trip out west in my lifetime. I think it’s good to appreciate nature for what it is, untouched by humans, something that can’t be re-created again.

Ryan Matherly- “Greece”

I put Greece on my list too! (yes, I made a LIST haha) Similar to what you said, I know Greece has a lot of historical significance, but I personally don’t know any of it or have any connection to the country. However, I know people who have been there and they said it was absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never heard someone say that Greece wasn’t worthwhile or a great experience.

Where, Oh Where, Would I Go?


If I had unlimited resources and could travel anywhere I wanted to, I would want to travel to many, many places- all of which I am curious about or are surrounded with historical meaning. When you read about a country, city or monument in a book during school, or hear about it on the news, it’s a totally different experience to see it for yourself. I got my first taste of this when I visited Niagara Falls as a kid. I remembered learning about it and I know it was considered to be a “wonder of the world,” but seeing it in person was such a cool experience that I have never forgotten it.

  • The statues on Easter Island (I want to see those statues! So cool!)
  • Stonehenge (I want to see those freaking stones!!!!)
  • Area 51 (blame this on a recent UFO video my roommate made me watch!)
  • Ireland (As someone with a large Irish heritage, this would be really interesting to visit)
  • Scotland (Again, with the heritage. MACDonald is my last name after all.)
  • Germany (History purposes)
  • Italy (and I would ride on a gondola with a super hot Italian guy)
  • New York City (a little closer to home and more realistic)
  • Greece (for the history and the culture)
  • The castle that was used as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies (hey, the assignment said UNLIMITED resources!)

That’s it for my list, I’m sure it will continue to grow as I get older. Feel free to give me your opinions of where you would like to go, or if you have already been to any of these amazing places!

Blog Comments: Generation Gap


Cait Bailey- “We’re Not Bias,Social Media Works”

I completely agree that many companies make excuses about not being able to form a “social media team.” Businesses have many more resources than they know especially with the younger employees. Even though not everyone has taken a social media course, with practice it isn’t too difficult to understand the benefits it has to your company and the potential for boosting sales.

Ryan Matherly- “Benefits of Social Media”

I really like that you included that social media is cheap! This aspect of it will be a huge point to make to older generations when explaining its benefits. Really, social media accounts take time, creativity, and maintenance. Putting extra effort into your business will really resonate with the implementation of social media.